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Coffee Estate For Sale in Chikmagalur, resorts in chikmagalur, adventure activities, coffee plantation with high returns

Chikmagalur, formerly known as Chikmagalur is situated in the southern state of Karnataka inIndia.
Coffee Town is another name for Chikmagalur. 

Chikmagalur is a Hill Station surrounded by Green Mountains, Wilde life, Coffee Estates is just 200KM from Bangaloreis a nice weekend get away.

Chikmagalur district was called Kadur district till 1947. It is situated roughly in the south-western part of   Karnataka state. A large area of this district is 'malnad', i.e., a largely forested hilly region of heavy rainfall.
The district is situated between 12° 54´ 42´´ and 13° 53´ 53´´ north latitude and between 75° 04´ 46´´ and 76° 21´ 50´´ east longitude. Its greatest length from east to west is about 138.4 kilometers and from north to south 88.5 kilometers

Vibez club @ Chikmagalur

Mullayangiri hill.

Mullayangiri is one of the highest peaks in the Karnataka situated above 6550ft above sea level. Its height is famous mostly for watching sunsets from. It is 16 km fromChikmagalur town. Driving to Mullayanagiri is worth taking a risk. On the way is Sitalayanagiri where the water in the Shiva temple neither increases nor decreases. The road to Mullayanagiri is very narrow with a view from steep cliffs. Driving to the peak is not possible and includes a trek up the hill from the half way point. From the topmost point of the hill the Arabian Sea is visible on clear days. The small hillock in the temple compound is the highest point in Karnataka. It is a great trekking spot in Karnataka.

We have taken 60 acre coffee plantation estate @ Chikmangalur in Mullayangiri hill.

 We are coming up with a 3 star property in this place.

The coffee which is planted here is Arabica which gives the highest yield and revenue.

Now we are selling plots in 1acre, 2acre and 3acre. In this plot we have around 800 t0 1200 Arabic coffee plants which is already yielding coffee & giving some revenue of 1.25lakh to 1.5 lakh annually.  We also have silver oak trees and oranges which planted in every acre.

The expected land appreciation in next 2 years is around 30% to 40%.
The entire maintenance of the land would be taken care by Vibezclub.   The member would get the benefit of staying at our 3star resort when ever he visits to see his plot.
The value of 1acre coffee plot comes around Rs 12lakh.  And the land would be registered in your name and you would be the absolute owner of the land.

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